Who we are and what we do

We are the prime catalyst and facilitator for strategic analysis and capacity building for sustainable democracy and development in West Africa and to locate the democratization agenda within a development framework that reflects the organic link between politics and economy, between fundamental freedoms and socio-economic opportunities.

Our Core Value

These includes inclusion, pluralism, diversity, tolerance, accountability, humility, integrity, transparency and openness. others are freedom of expression, social responsibility, commitment to feminist principles and a commitment to feminist principles and a culture of collegiality without compromising professionalism.

Our  Vision for e-Library

  • A  One Stop Centre for Publications, e-books and Journals
  •  To be realistic and efficient provider of a focused, modern library service to support a realistic  Democracy for Westafrica

The Library provides the opportunity to meet with a librarian for one-on-one help with research. Speak with a professional librarian for one-on-one research assistance, either in person or on the phone